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Concierge Primary Care Near Cranston, RI

If you have ever felt rushed when you go to see the doctor, you aren’t alone. Insurance reimbursement comes with cumbersome paperwork, and this has put very serious time constraints on doctors. This results in patient dissatisfaction, poorer health outcomes, and physician burnout. In order to bring the focus back to the patient, where it belongs, Dr. Cardi offers a Concierge Medicine program for his primary care patients.

Patients in the Concierge Medicine program receive extended annual examinations that focus on medical history, current lifestyle, and future goals. This complete understanding allows for proper preventative care. Individualized health plans are incorporated into patient’s lives, creating better outcomes and preventing serious health problems. Dr. Cardi listens to his patient’s concerns not from a strictly medical point of view, but with an emphasis on their lifestyle, as well as family and work commitments.

Concierge Medicine During Addiction Rehab

Opioid addiction requires intensive, ongoing care by medical professionals to ensure a successful recovery. That’s one of the reasons why James K. Cardi, MD, offers concierge medicine to his patients. The model of concierge care embraces shorter wait times, extended annual exams, and preventative care plans that provide superior care. Call our office or enroll in our Concierge Medicine Program online!


FAQs on Concierge Medicine

What is Concierge Medicine?

Concierge Medicine is a healthcare model in which patients pay an annual fee (also known as a retainer) to be a part of a smaller patient panel. In exchange for this annual fee, the doctor agrees to limit the number of patients they take on to ensure that each patient receives adequate time with the doctor and their enhanced care.

How Does Concierge Medicine Work?

The annual fee for the concierge medicine program can either be paid in full or split up, but it covers costs for an entire year. Included in the annual fee for concierge care are all of the primary and preventive care services that are offered by the provider. This rate stays the same regardless of how many visits the patient incurs per year.

The annual fee does not cover Concierge visits to the emergency room, out-of-network doctors, or specialist visits. Health insurance does not reimburse patients for concierge medicine payments.

What Are The Benefits of Concierge Medicine?

Concierge medicine offers a number of advantages over traditional healthcare models, including:

  • A proper preventative care plan
  • Shorter wait times
  • Long-term personalized wellness plans
  • Extended annual examinations
  • Enhanced doctor-patient relationship
  • Better health outcomes

Is Concierge Medicine Right For Me?

We would be happy to discuss your situation and help you decide if membership is a good choice for you. Feel free to call our office to speak to one of our office staff.